Abia PDP accuses Labour Party, governor Otti of being autocratic


Abia PDP accuses Labour Party, governor Otti of being autocratic

The Abia State People’s Democratic Party ( PDP) has accused the state governor Dr Alex Otti and his ruling Labour Party ( LP) of being autocratic stating that they ” are relentlessly unleashing undemocratic acts, akin to a descent to autocracy against the good people of the State”.


In the statement by it’s Vice Chairman/Acting Publicity Secretary Elder Abraham Amah , the PDP stated that governor Otti and LP ” in varying forms and degrees, these autocratic acts are becoming more distasteful, embarrassing, obnoxious and would destroy the fabrics of the nascent democracy if they are allowed to fester”.


Amah’ statement marked ” Alex Otti , the Labour Party and their uncontrollable descent to autocracy in Abia State” listed the autocratic acts his PDP accused Otti and LP of committing , which it pointed out contravened the provisions of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria which Otti swore to defend.


One accusation by the PDP against the governor and his LP included changing/ disregarding the Rules of the Abia State House of Assembly by the election of non-ranking LP members as Principal Officers instead of PDP members that are majority of the 24-member House.


The other accusation against governor Otti according to the PDP statement, was his setting up of a Judicial Commission of Inquiry on Recovery of Public Property and Funds which the PDP alleged was against wise counsel.


PDP added that beside setting the judicial panel/ Commission ” he still would not allow the Commission that he set up to work, before engaging on media trial of members of the past administrations by making statements indicating that he has already found people guilty even before court trial”.


The 24- member 8th Abia House of Assembly comprises Eleven PDP ( Majority) followed by the LP with ten ( 10 ), Young Progressives Party (YPP ) with two ( 2 ) and All Progressives Congress (APC ) with One ( 1 ).


PDP recalled that despite this composition, on the 11th June, 2023 inauguration of the house in which governor Otti was in attendance, the LP member for Aba South Hon Emmanuel Emeruwa and his LP member for Umuahia Central Hon Augustine Meregini who are non- ranking lawmakers were elected Speaker and deputy respectively.


Subsequently, that on Friday 30th June, 2023 when the house reconvened, the Speaker further announced LP’s Hons. Uchenna Okoro of Arochukwu and Destiny Nwagwu of Aba North Constituencies as Majority and Minority Leaders respectively with LP’s Hons Emeka Obioma of Umuahia South and YPP’s Iheanacho Nwogu of Osisioma Ngwa Constituencies as the Chief Whip and deputy Chief Whip respectively.


Amah who disclosed that his PDP had forwarded it’s Principal-offices nominees to the Speaker but that he did not attend to it noted that by this scenario, the PDP had been excluded from the House Principal Offices despite being the party with majority members.


It consequently vowed not to accept the House composition insisting that the House Principal Offices should be appropriately constituted taking into cognizance that it’s ( PDP ) members are in the majority.


According to Amah , ” the first sign of Governor Otti’s behind-the-scenes manoeuvre of the House to achieve a predetermined outcome was the delayed and eventual secretive issuing of the  Proclamation for the inauguration of the 8th Assembly wherein it was orchestrated to have only members of the Labour Party present.


Amah who stated that following the aberration, his PDP had as democrats, respected the independence of the legislature and allowed members to elect their leadership unencumbered by executive interference.


According to the PDP Spokesman, “these reckless acts of lawlessness which are exciting to the members of the Labour Party and their sympathisers are gradually, but unknown to many, building a toxic political climate which would turn around to haunt and hurt everybody in the future if they are not checked.


” In the 24 years that the PDP held forte as the government in Abia State, there was not a single time that it used its executive powers to shortchange the opposition Party either in the House or any function in Abia State”.


Amah who recalled that his PDP had as democrats, respected the independence of the legislature and allowed members to elect their leadership unencumbered by executive interference, decried that the result was an aberration.