Abia PDP faults governor Otti on dissolution of Boards and Parastatals, lauds first appointments.


Abia PDP faults governor Otti on dissolution of Boards and Parastatals, lauds first appointments.

Abia State PDP has endorsed the first set of appointments made by the new state governor Dr. Alex Otti of the Labour Party into offices the party ( PDP ) described as his ( Otti ) Kitchen cabinet and expressed hope that he continues in that direction.


In a statement by the State PDP Spokesman Elder Abraham Amah, the party also described these first appointments as good step in the right direction stating that it was delighted that governor Otti’s appointees into lofty positions “are round pegs in round roles”.


The Appointees whose appointments took immediate effect yesterday, were Prof. Kenneth Kalu as Secretary to the State Government, Pastor Dr Caleb Ajagba – Chief of Staff to the Governor, Dr. Ngozi Okoronkwo – Special Adviser Health Care Delivery Services, Mr Ferdinand Ekeoma – Special Adviser Media and Publicity.


Others were Mr. Kazie Ukoh – Chief Press Secretary to the Governor, Mrs. Njum Onyemenam – State Accountant General and Mr. Ogbonnia Okereke – Head, Special Taskfore on Emergency Cleanup of Aba & Umuahia.


The State PDP however stated that while it commended the governor on the appointments he has made so far, ” we vehemently disagree with him on the unilateral dissolution of the Boards and Parastatals in the State”.


According to the PDP, ” it is unnecessary, high handed and most of all offensive, as these Boards were birthed by Acts of Parliament with stipulated tenures of office and can only be reversed by an Act of Parliament.


” His outright dissolution of the Boards and Parastatals without recourse to extant laws is proof that we may have been right after all hence, to us, it is a very bad sign and the earlier he keeps himself in check, the better for him and Abians”.


The party therefore urged governor Otti to reverse himself and follow due process even if he wants to dissolve the Boards saying ” as an opposition Party, our duty is to offer constructive criticism that would keep the government on its toes but it does not mean that we would not acknowledge and give credit to the ruling party when we think that it has done what is right.


” The appointments made into the following offices; Secretary to the State Government, Chief of Staff, Special Advisers on Healthcare, Media and Publicity, Chief Press Secretary, Accountant General and Head of Task Force on Emergency Cleanup of Umuahia and Aba were all duly considered because these appointees are excellent and well groomed professionals in their chosen areas of assignment and they are the main drivers of the engine of government”.


Describing these governor’s first step appointments as a good step in the right direction, the state main opposition party ( PDP) further said that it is particularly delighted that he chose a professional, Mrs. Njum Onyemenam who it stated

” is reputed to be one of the best in the industry as the new Accountant General of Abia State against the normal practice of choosing Accountants General from the civil service hierarchy.


” While many have disagreed with her appointment, the Abia PDP fully supports that move which has shining examples across the globe and as always, we urge Abians to support the government of the day to help it build an Abia State that all of us would be proud of “.